Rob Toth

7+ Year Experienced Web Business Developer, Web Marketing Strategist and Advisor, Entrepreneur

The Genie

Rob Toth is a web-marketing specialist.

7 Years Experience in 36+ Niche Markets including: business-to-business services, organic skin care, parenting, karate, diet/weight loss, strength and muscle gain, ghost hunting, image consulting, cleanse/detox, trucking, video production, teen personal-development camp, conferences/events, book launches, DJing, snowboarding, real estate, relationships/dating, software, luxury property rentals, golf, mental toughness, DPO (direct public offering), hair loss, mobile/QR codes, tennis, boating, Kindle marketplace and more.

Producer of the former Canada Marketing Summit which has hosted top-marketers and business minds including Mark Victor Hansen of "Chicken Soup for the Soul". Speakers and attendees flew in from: Australia, Greece, Costa Rica, Israel, Hungary, UK and across North America.

Producer, Budapest, Hungary based high-level networking and mastermind for top marketers.

Founder, Agency . Entertainment As Marketing.

Specializations: Web Marketing Systems/Processes. Internet Marketing Strategy. International Staffing/Outsourcing. Direct Response Salescopy. Sales Funnel Development. Affiliate Program Strategy. Scaling and Business Growth. Ad Campaign Strategy. Product Roll-Out. Information Marketing. Automation and Followup Systems. And More...

Interviewed in new media 26+ times on topics including: urgency/scarcity sales tactics, lead generation online, virtual staffing, affiliate team development, product launch, success principles.

Presented in-person trainings on topics including: automation+leverage systems, joint ventures, direct response salescopy.

Featured in various books as guest contributor.

Author of a dozen business reports and many other audio and video format marketing trainings.

Bi-lingual: English + Hungarian

High-Level internet marketing, web and tech start-up connections and alliances across North America, Europe and worldwide.

Lived in or traveled through: Canada, USA, Australia, Malta, Hungary, Spain, UK, Slovakia, Austria, Romania.

Have directly produced: multi-6-figures for clients, high 74%+ lead capture conversions and helped launch entire companies/brands.

* Rob Toth is the internet business and online marketing advantage asset you're currently not benefiting from. We should probably fix that.*

Shane Harder, Founder, Create Convert

Shane Harder is founder of Create Convert, a social gaming design and marketing start-up already backed by funding, with unique projects like "Fan Surge" and "Rock Paper Scissors Masters" and similar monetized-mobile games and innovations. Shane's speaks on having Rob Toth on Create Convert's advisory board.

Heidie Woods, PR/Media and Branding Strategist

Branding strategist, New Media, PR, Published Author, Screenplay Writer.

SCOTT Rewick, World-Respected Top Media Buyer

Scott Rewick has spent over $140,000,000 in online advertising. Starting in 1999, Scott co-founded one of the earliest affiliate networks, Metareward, which ultimately was sold to Experian for $30Million. He then went on to co-found NetBlue, which became a $100M/year Lead Generation authority. Scott then went onto found, AdEx Media with Joe Abrams (co-founder of MySpace). The company did over $23M in revenue in its first year.

Mike Moynahan, Co-Founder, GetGirlsOnFB

The co-founder of and the "Get Girls On" product brand shares his views on working with Rob Toth in the brand development and company launch of "GetGirlsOn"

DAN Deyette, Veteran Internet Marketer

Daniel Deyette was part of IMC (Internet Marketing Center) back when it was the pioneering giant of all things internet marketing. He worked directly with the belated internet marketing legend: Corey Rudl. Dan specializes in Google and has managed ad campaigns worth $450,000 per month. Here are his words on Rob Toth.

Canada Marketing Summit Attendees

Attendees of the former Canada Marketing Summit 2010 on their experience at the event, filmed at the VIP dinner.

"He Is A Pure Jedi, He Is A Master Networker"

- Jeff Mills

"Investing Into Rob Toth Was A Smart Decision For Us"

- Collin Almeida

"I Appreciate Having 'The Genie' In Our Back-Pocket To Call Upon"

- Stefan Pylarinos

"Rob Turned Out To Be A PROFITABLE Decision!"

- Jeff Masterson


- Milana Leshinsky

"Rob Toth Is No Genie - He's A Marketing Magician!"

- Brian McElroy

"Has A Definite Strong Marketing and Systematic Background"

- Earl Flormata, Jiffy Software

"A Great Professional"

- Gerard Sellam

"Saved Me A Lot of Time and Confusion"

- Scott Bradley

"I Was Extremely Impressed With Your Knowledge and Insight."

- Andy LaPointe

"A Professional Ethical Marketer"

- Scott Bradley

"A Tremendous Asset"

- Allen and Donna Smith

"Rob Has My Very Highest Recommendation!!"

- Jim McCarthy

"The Next Frank Kern"

- Chris Hubbard

"Honest, Trustworthy, Creative, Hard and Smart Working..."

- Mike Mograbi

"You [Rob] Think On A Wider Slant And Higher Plane Than Others"

- Michael Sherriff

"Total Uniqueness And Abilities To Think Outside Of The Box"

- Ricky Roberts

"Always Full Of Fresh And Creative Ideas"

- Jennifer Ledbetter

"Your Personal And Professional Ethics Always Shine Through"

- Doug Hudiburg

"P.S. You've got T-A-L-E-N-T!"

- Chris Brisson

"The 'Millennium Napoleon Hill'"

- Tiffany Finley

"Freaking Brilliant! ... You're A Legend In This Game and Have Some Solid Advice!"

- Jonny Andrews

"You Are So Amazing Rob. Thank You So Much."

- Jennifer Henczel

"Very Much On The Ball, Factual, Great Communicator"

- Piroska Sandor

"A Class Player"

- John Sadler

"Extremely Valueable Advice... I've Been Working Online Since 1996 and Can Say That Rob's A Really Sharp Guy."

- Big Jason Henderson

"The One Marketing Person I Know That's Not Full Of Crap"

- Joseph Schaffer

"Nothing Short of Amazing"

- Brandon S.

Rob Toth, Canada Marketing Summit

Thoughts On Producing the "Canada Marketing Summit" ...

In 2009, we set out to fill a need.

Vancouver is a hub for video game companies and for film. It's dubbed "Hollywood North". These days, some are also starting to call it "Silicon Valley North"

Vancouver's web-tech and start-up scene is getting very hot: The virtual-tailor, Indochino, which started in 2007, just recently raised $13.5 Million in funding and is a premier service for custom suits for men; HootSuite, now estimated at $500 million valuation;, the world's largest free dating portal with 2.8 billion page views per month, 6.2 million on its best day and tens of millions in annual revenue; Flickr, bought out by Yahoo in 2005 was Vancouver based; Summify, which was acquired by Twitter; 1 of the 2 co-founders of a collection of companies including 99Designs, Flippa, SitePoint, Learnables (all owned by the same parent company), is Vancouver based; Jiffy Software, makers of apps for Nike, Starbucks, Netflix, Zipcar and more; The landing-page and conversions platform, Unbounce is from here. And 3 hours outside of Vancouver, three fathers from Kelowna founded Club Penguin which was bought out by Disney for $700 million ... Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft are each now opening an office in Vancouver...

Vancouver is even home to the "man who owns the internet", Kevin Ham, argueably the world's largest domainer with a domain investment portfolio worth in excess of $300 million.

A lot of talent floating around yet very few industry events. Canadians had to continue to fly out internationally for any larger scale events.

That was the motivation behind Canada Marketing Summit, a 4-day conference featuring a mixed group of top marketers in various specializations.

The event's past speakers included businesses successes such: as Mark Victor Hansen (of Chicken Soup for the Soul), celebrity-entrepreneurs such as Anthony Morrisson, Scott Rewick, a man who has spent $140 million online through his media companies and other top direct response and internet marketers like Alex Mandossian, Lee McIntyre (UK based marketer running a multi 7 figure company), Rick Raddatz (formerly of Microsoft), Josh Anderson (founder of Nanacast), Dan Lok and many others.

Canada Marketing Summit ran twice, 2009/2010 and generated its first $xxx,xxx in revenues. Due to interests in Europe, the event was suspended for 2011/2012. Recently, in 2013, the conference has been listed "for sale" as we're focusing on a new direction and CMS is no longer a strategic part of our business portfolio.

Rob Toth, Marketer And Tanks

Thoughts on Driving TANKS with Marketers ...

The idea behind Marketers And Tanks was simple... create a networking-adventure event, with a lifetime memorable experience for elite marketers.

It's a cross between business and pleasure.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." - Plato, Greek Philosopher

Select marketers were invited to Budapest, Hungary for a 4-day session using slap-you-in-the-face salescopy, attention grabbing ads and most importantly, the inclusion of real TANKS in the event.

Marketers And Tanks would be tough to run "as a business" and scale it in any sensible manner. But then again, it wasn't built with direct profit-margins in mind. It serves its purpose of creating a break from the networking-norm and providing a lifetime memorable Euro-adventure, while bringing together top minds.

One other aim of the event is to introduce North American marketers to the opportunities available internationally in a country most wouldn't even think of...

Hungary has a fast-growing tech sector primarily in mobile and app development. Hungary's workforce is also rated the most-productive in Eastern Europe. In fact, a lot of everyday-use inventions also can be credited to Hungarians.

You come for the Tanks and the fun.... but you come back for the valuable connections and the profits.

NOTE: Thanks to the research, connections, negotiations and new-found alliances, our event partners in Hungary can extend the same (or customized similar) event to any company or organization who'd like to bring their top VIP, top salesreps, best clients etc out for an unbelievable event. Just for the fun of it, a sneak-peek trailer video is posted at the bottom of this page.

Rob Toth, Europe

Thoughts On A Winter Office In the Mediterranean and Traveling For Business-Intel

Anyone who doesn't have a geo-based responsibility such as a family and operates a predominenantly online business that can be worked from a smartphone, tablet or a laptop, yet doesn't travel is costing themselves a lot of future money.

While some may travel to "see the sights" and take photos of old architecture to post onto their social media accounts as life experiences ... which is all perfectly fine, the reason an entrepreneur who has the option and freedom to be mobile should travel is for the global BUSINESS knowledge.

The insights gained and opportunities you become exposed to are simply an unfair advantage.

To this end, I found myself through various parts of Europe in much of 2011/2012, starting off with the very small island of Malta in the Mediterranean.

Other Euro travels included UK and Barcelona and Austria... but most of the time was spent in Eastern Euro countries such as Slovakia, Romania and particularly Hungary, a new second-home-base of operations as of 2014.

Rob Toth, fun and internet marketing lifestyle

Thoughts On A Work Life Balance ...

I don't subscribe to the notion of a "work-life" balance.

I believe to make great gains, you need absolute focus of mind, resources and energy. This requires being "out of balance".

In fact, I believe life is more about cycles. Strong, passionate focus on work for a duration, followed by a later period that is all "play".

But the play is necessary. As an efficiencies geek, I treat "play" as a necessary gear in my business goals as well... because play builds creativity.

Of course, sometimes that creativity gets drowed out by abundant and cheap liquor at Eastern European parties or by stunning women.

Somewhere in the mix of your own business pursuits, after a period of work-focus, be sure to slide in time with friends.

While I'm a fan of money for the tool that it is... I view my ultimate worth, the only networth that matters the day they'll close the coffin on me, to be based on a sum of my experiences and the value of my relationships.

Rob Toth, Vancouver, B.C. Canada based internet marketing, networking, speaking

Thoughts On "Open Book" Networking and Teaching ...

Every couple of months, I contact 20 - 30 Vancouver-based "players", (active, experienced entrepreneurs with varied backgrounds, skillsets and from different industries) and I gather an entourage for a casual networking.

During these sessions, I don't bring an agenda of what to pitch or what type of deal to close.

I show up as an "open book". I'm there happy to discuss anyone's business and leave them with any insights or experiences or resources and connections that I may have which can benefit their operation.

I don't do this because I read it in a "best business networking practices" book... I do it because it's just the right way to build relationships, the type of relationships that, over time, foster high-5, multi-6 or even 7 figure deals as a win-win for both parties.

I also take on opportunities to speak and teach from time to time. But NOT to sell. Instead, to present content and strategies/tactics, case studies and other information in a way that others can benefit from it. This in turn, re-inforces and teaches those same fundementals back to me.

Up until now, I took part in being a contributor in various books, a guest on 26+ interviews and a presenter at a handful of events.

As of recently, we've begun a PR campaign to pursue guest content opportunities, interviews, new media and "old media" channels, more book collaborations, speaking and training engagements and the likes... Should be fun.

"In most of business, you increase revenues by filling larger or a greater quantity of needs, or by attracting more eyeballs. Instead of thinking 'we need sales', understand that that's a inevitible outcome, whether you like it or not... as long as you fullfill more needs, larger needs or get the attention of a larger audience. The 'how to do it right and right away' is where the wish-granting art and science of marketing comes in."

- Rob Toth