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Careers, Job and Partner Opportunities

   "The Genie" services and the "Canada Marketing Summit" are just pieces of the various businesses/projects that I either own or co-own online. Through my own company and a couple of vested interest projects, we're constantly looking to bring additional "firepower" to our team...

   Whether you're a freelancer, service provider or looking for part-time / full-time employment, if you have a skill-set that you feel may be a fit for at least one of my projects/companies, I encourage you to get in touch. I take good care of my valued service providers and virtual assistants.

   All of the current opportunities are telecommute/virtual (ie: you work from your home/office). Depending on what makes sense, payment could be on an ongoing part-time/full-time salary basis, or revenue sharing, or per-project flat fee or a combination of those. Whatever works best for both of us.

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What's Your Skill Set? What Can YOU Bring To the Table?

   Resumes are NOT required. They help but a short 2-4 paragraph summary of what you're interested in and your background experience is preferred. Some of the areas I'm immediately or continually looking for support and talent in are listed below. If, however, you'd like to propose any other skill set of yours as a possible fit, please get in touch.

Email me directly at thegenie AT or use the support form: Other contact information is posted right at the homepage of Please specify "Career/Partner Application" in the subject line to help better sort and respond to your email.

A Short-List of Possible Employment, Sub-Contractor or Partner Opportunities

  • * Facebook Professionals - You know the ins and outs of using Facebook for business purposes. You know how to create accounts, how to create a Page "fanpage", how to send communications to Friends and Fans. You also understand how to add Facebook Share and Like buttons to pages intelligently. You understand how to generate viral buzz using Facebook. You know how to setup and run Facebook ads and monitor/tweak them for maximum ROI.

  • * Witty Writers Wanted! (Creative, witty, sarcastic, entertaining and overall engaging writers.) - Even better if you understand a bit of sales and selling psychology but what's most important is that your writing doesn't read like a textbook or an anal legal document. It should pull the audience in. To be used as blog, ezine, newsletter and script (short video, short audio script) writer for various niche projects.

  • * Web Designer / Webpage Professional - Do you know how to create sharp looking websites? Unique landing pages? Web 2.0-esque forms? Understanding direct response salesletters and "mini sites" is an asset and strongly recommended. I should be able to give you a list of changes, updates, revisions that I need for sites via a Skype conversation, video sharing, a Jing walkthrough or just emails... and you be able to make all edits. This may include HTML pages, basic PHP script installs, basic Javascript installs, WordPress blog, simple CSS edits and other related work.

  • * Affiliate Manager / VIP Relationship Manager - Do you understand what is needed to make a STRONG affiliate program? Are you personable and can build trust/relationships easily? Do you know how to find, recruit, communicate with, motivate, recognize etc affiliate teams?

  • * Sales Professional - You enjoy sales and have extensive experience in it. You're looking for a sales opportunity that provides a simple concept to sell, to targeted prospects / leads handed to you with VERY generous payouts. You are very comfortable selling in person and on the phone.

  • * PR Relations Manager - Experienced with publicity and public relations? Know how to write effective press releases? Have media contacts? Know how to get newspapers, radio (including online radio) stations and television stations to call? We should talk.

  • * Event Planner/Event Manager - As the title suggests, you'd handle+coordinate the various events. Primarily Canada Marketing Summit as well as various networking events, VIP days and 1-day bootcamps we put on. This includes making sure speakers and VIPs are accomodated to. Contacting/organizing with vendors, suppliers, venue. Etc. You would NOT be in charge of marketing and ticket sales... but you should be able to handle the logistics of every other part of events. Events may be business conferences, evening networking events or more casual events.

  • * Executive Personal Assistant - You MUST be organized enough to make me feel comfortable that if I gave you a dozen small to do items for the week, you'll get them all done. You MUST be social enough to be able to engage conversations (if you consider yourself as highly introverted or very shy, this is not for you). Bold, confident, "social" types. You MUST be at least a partial tech geek. If you fear smartphones and are outdated in technology... then probably every software, tool and tech toy I use to communicate with will be new to you. You MUST be resourceful and a good "researcher". If I need someone who supplies XYZ, you should be able to quickly, efficiently and confidently find and research several best options and then summarize your recommendation.

Know someone who might be qualified and interested in the above opportunities?? Please share this page with them. Simply email them a link to this page. Or share it with all of your Facebook friends in case some of them are looking for fun opportunities. Click here to share this page on Facebook.


Rob Toth is a marketing strategist, internet business builder and web property developer. He is founder and producer of the annual Canada Marketing Summit and author of over a dozen business reports.

Rob also has worked as an advisor, strategist and project manager with 108+ clients in 35+ different markets and various business models. In 1-on-1 client work, he assists in sales funnel design, internet marketing strategy, internet business development tactics, monetization techniques, online advertising and promotion tactics, affiliate team development strategies and much more.

For smaller budgets and advisory/consulting needs, Rob has launched ‘The Genie Training’ program.

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